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Personal injury and clinical negligence

I have twelve years of extensive experience with personal injury and clinical negligence cases. I write over 90 reports per year with a mix between claimant and defendant on a 70:30 split. Quality is assured from an objective and practical perspective and from a clinician very much at the front of emergency and acute medicine clinical work.


I have co-authored chapters in medico legal texts including Clinical Negligence 9th ed. Powers and Barton

My work as the most experienced medical examiner of the documents and cause of death means I am familiar with all aspects of current healthcare, both in and out of hospital. This overview means I have a unique general knowledge that can provide new opportunities for cases that specialists may be unaware of.

A turnaround time of between 4 to 6 weeks from receipt of instructions is usual with a guaranteed flexibility to attend conferences or court if required.

My watchwords for my medico legal practice are: accuracy, accessibility, and affordability.


I have given evidence in Court on numerous occasions and most recenlty in a clinical negligence case in April 2016. Positive feedback is available to review upon request.

Coroner advice
I am able to provide an expert opinion in all aspects of acute care, with a very sound understanding of the remit of the coroner.
I am also able to provide advice in general terms by virtue of the the detailed understanding I have of healthcare systems after reviewing over 10,000 case notes.
Like all aspects of my medico legal work, I will always be flexible and responsive to requests for assistance. With considerable court experience, I am able to give clear and sensible evidence.
Some recent cases include:
A publication on Rule 43 Reports may be found at:
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